“When we recognized the need to reach the next generation through media (the language that they speak), we had a phone consultation with Red Moxie Media. Their ideas were on point. But more than that, it was clear that they actually had as much passion to reach this generation for Jesus as we do. And it was also quickly obvious that they knew how to do it. 

They also appeared to have a genuine interest in helping us fulfill our vision. I say “appeared” because anyone selling a service to a ministry tries to come off that way. But after working closely with them for six months, I can say that their desire to help is more than clever salesmanship; they are genuine.

In our experience, there were times when we hit budget ceilings. They went above and beyond what anyone else would have done. Quite simply, we could not have gotten the results we received, with our budget, with any other firm.

They have challenged our standards. There were many times when we thought we had a good concept and they showed us how we could do it much better. We needed not only their technical expertise, but their creative ability and understanding of how to take our message and communicate it to the next generation.

I consider Red Moxie Media a true partner with us. They have been invaluable to us in the launch of our new church and we are excited to utilize them in phase 2: Create Online Evangelism."

— Pastor Schmidt - ReinventChurch

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