Creative Design

Blowing the traditional mindsets and church goals out of the water.  Not following the mainstream, but using God given creativity to reach the world.


Our Approach

We have one goal - to create relevant content that works in building churches and reaching this generation.  

Churches today have no shortage of challenges.  And that is why we like bringing creative solutions to impact this generation.  We believe that the message never changes, but the methods do.  Our passion is helping you reach your community with all the tools available today.

Our creative team is here to take the pressure off church staff by handling the creative design.  We handle branding, graphic design, website design, social media management, digital outreach, consulting on brand, video announcements, commercials, sermon bumpers, and all creative aspects in reaching people in today's culture.

We know that this means more than just meeting church objectives and our partners asking the right questions.  Does it work within the budget?  What areas should the church focus on first?  What is the best fit for the unique DNA of each church?  And did we mention budget?

We take it as a serious honor to help with church growth through media while taking pressure off the local church staff to create something professional for the church each week and continue to learn new technology in the process.  We find joy in creative design and helping you.

When you work with us, we truly become, "Your Church Creative Team."




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