Growth Strategy

We evaluate the vision, culture, and passion of a church to recommend changes, and maximize opportunities to reach this generation. 


Our Approach

What does it take to experience church growth in today's world?  Is your church brand relevant to your community or are you outdated?  Are you speaking the language of the under 40 crowd?  With your current fiscal budget are you maximizing your finances to reach this generation with media and technology?  Do you have the right partnerships, systems and technology to ignite church growth?

Our team was created to find the answer to these questions and more impacting our church partnerships with quantitative results in 12 months or less.

The process begins with a church audit and honest evaluation of all the questions at hand.


We then develop a strategic plan for your church to increase, taking into account budget and size of the congregation.


Implementing the plan with massive action and being fluid in the process we will see tangible results for the church within 12 months.