The Launch of Pro Media Fire

.    We are understand that Red Moxie Media is a full service agency and not every church can afford our services. This is why we are celebrating the launch of Pro Media Fire a creative team providing unlimited graphic design, social media post creation, and unlimited video creation at a monthly flat rate.

.    Churches will be able to save money with their current team and utilize a professional team if they couldn’t afford to hire staff.

.    They are having a launch special until the end of January that is 10% off their plans for life.  If you are in need of good church media and are not looking for full service, then this is a great option.  And a great deal:

7 Digital Church Trends That Will Continue and Are Just Beginning in 2019

.    1)  Text Responses -The text based giving has been growing and is nothing new, but churches pressing the bounds with technology are beginning to see traction with text 
based response cards and text based decision cards. Text giving is only the beginning of engaging with those that walk through the church doors via text messages. It is a form of communication today and easy to respond.

Why use paper when you can get my digital response on a phone with ease. To encourage this new trend in your church you could send a digital Starbucks gift card in response for a new visitor/ connect card, etc. This trend is just the beginning. 

.        2)  Digital Training -This trend has been picking up steam over the last year and is streamlining the volunteer process for church training. Trained Up Church has been pioneering this space over the last 2 years for the church.

This frontier is in the infant stage and will expand into various discipleship training and even mesh with small group trainings and interactions around the scriptures throughout the week. Remember the 167, digital training is a new frontier for small group training and interaction physically and digitally during the week. You could have a 5-10 minute quick training, that could be tracked who watched it and discussed at small group. This is a future area the church should explore. Check out TrainedUp here:

.        3)  Digital On-boarding -Churches have begun to use digital surveys and online personality tests to locate a new believer or new members gifts and immediately plug them into the church through next steps and to get them involved. Churches using these digital tests have increased the involvement of new members in the next step process and helped spur growth in the church. Though personality tests have been around for years online, the concept of specific tests that are church related and custom questions is rather new.

A church pioneering this is called Journey (in Rochester, NY) with a custom form created by the pastor who is a programmer. He is having success quickly locating people and getting them plugged in.

The quicker you locate a member the easier it is to see them plug in where they fit. Members involved in the church also have higher attendance rates for services. What other areas can we use this concept digitally to onboard people in the next steps process? 

.    4)  Creative Message Hot Spots-Gone are the days where you could take a clip of your message from Sunday and get traction on social media. It has become more 
difficult to stand out in the social feed. Many of the young fast growing churches over the last year have been pioneering new creative hot spots from the Sunday message. The hot spot is a climax moment in the message. This clip from the Sunday message is then laced with creative designs, music in the background and fancy video editing.

The trend will only grow where you will need to be more creative than ever to stand out in the social feed. These hot spots are shareable content that is free advertising as church members and followers share the climax of the message to their sphere of influence. 

.        5)  Interactive Church Services – Life Church and the Bible App have pioneered the beginning of digital involvement in the church. It is common to see people reading 
the scriptures from a phone on the Bible App during a church service. The YouVersion Events feature, which provide the message notes, is only the beginning of a trend. In the future we will see digital engagement go beyond the current platforms.

We will see members be able to engage during the message with live surveys and questions with an answer that could be asked to the entire audience during the service. This would engage members in service and online. The instant answer could be displayed on screen. How many of you have ever done ____? Yes or No answer. 78% admit to yes and it helps fuel the point in the message. Interactive church services are just beginning and will draw this generation into the messages like never before. If you are interested in the YouVersion Events check it out here:


6)  Cloud Based Creative Teams – The demands of church media are becoming so much with this media generation that even mid-sized church teams are becoming 
overwhelmed. The expectation even in rural areas is for high quality custom graphic design and video. Only the large churches can carry the weight off in-house teams with graphic designers, video editing teams, motion graphic teams for animation, and creative directors. The demands are overwhelming but technology is allowing churches to function as never before. Just as remote workers have exploded around the nation, utilizing a crowd based creative team that specializes in church media will become more normal.  

We are excited about the launch of Pro Media Fire as they are pioneering this space with unlimited custom graphic design, social posts creation and custom video creation for a monthly flat rate fee. For the first time, a small or midsized church could have a professional team of graphic designers, video editors, animators, and creative directors all working for the church for a fraction of the price to hire them. For example a small church could never hire an in-house professional graphic designer and video editor for hot spots from their live stream message, but could do so with a group like Pro Media Fire every week for a fraction of the price of hiring one staff member or outsourcing. Even a mid-sized or large church will see this as a way to save their in-house staff time and money while keeping up with the demands of church media today. This is just the beginning of this trend with the demands of media. Check out Pro Media Fire here:


.    7)  Social Story Telling – With the difficulty of standing out in social feeds, growing churches with creative teams are using an age old secret on social media, storytelling. Jesus told parables and these churches are winning on social with the power of telling stories. Follow these churches social media feeds and you will find yourself caught up in an Instagram story telling of their next event in an often captivating way. The true success of this new storytelling method is the same story being told on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube each in a different way with the branded message series, highlighted point or event taking place. The story is told in an image, custom animation and then video throughout the week. It is a creative team telling the story in a unique way on each digital platform that expands the message from the pulpit on Sunday. This trend will not change but only grow, as the art of storytelling is not going away anytime soon, that is why Hollywood is still around. What is changing is the way we tell stories as a church and communicate to our members and a lost and dying world through digital outreach. 

The growth curve in digital trends within and without the walls of the church are nothing but up. Growing churches will learn to adapt and bring the life changing message of Christ to people through the power of digital. Digital is here to stay and growing churches are embracing new methods to reach and train more people.

If you are looking for a full service agency to help with strategy and creative work, contact us at Red Moxie Media in the form below.