Social Media Management

Build connections with members and engage the local community through social platforms for our churches with positive content and response.


Our Approach

Social media is about connecting with people and is apart of our digital outreach plan.  A few major mistakes that many churches make is starting social media accounts and then never using them or not using them properly.

Each platform has a unique vibe and you must communicate within the culture of that environment.  That is where we help you shine by posting relevant content to the platform.  Keeping it positive and building relationships with the community as a church is at the center of our focus.

We diligently focus on creating your online footprint in order to keep members of the congregation connected. Creating shareable content results in a greater sphere of influence in your community, by being where the people are at in the social media platforms.  

Our team understands that social media is a powerful component in your arsenal for church growth and we endeavor to maximize it for you.  The Red Moxie Media way is to bring connection and engagement through impactful content.