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Video Announcements

Create professional church video announcements and promotions that are speaking the language of culture helping our churches to reach more people.


Our Approach

Sitting inside a church, a media generation is expecting a certain level of excellence and they are looking to be proud of what their congregation is doing in the community.  This is where we come in by:

Best-in-class church media that does not have a second class standard to the world.

Creating first class promotions and media generates an excitement in the people and the community around your church.  This is the way we believe church was meant to be, outreach driven using the power of media.  People sharing about the gospel and what God is doing at your church.

Excitement is generated during special promotions at service and on social media.

We help activate member involvement by grabbing their attention in what is happening now at the church. Our team creates relevant content that church members and the community actively share on social media.

Enthusiasm is ignited for upcoming events through professional media.

In addition to activating the church members engagement, we help provide an image of excellence and being relevant to culture, which results in more visitors at the services. This results in church growth and more people reached.

Our obsession is helping you reach more people for Christ in your community through professional church media.

In today's world, the creative church team is a vital part of assisting the pastor and church staff in fulfilling their calling. We are not just making video announcements, sermon bumpers or commercials, we are lifting up the hands of the church leadership to propel the message in the community. Creating media that helps you reach more people, igniting church growth is what drives us.